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RD Commercial Roofing is located in the heart of Kentucky and provides an effective and affordable alternative to restore and renew your Kentucky roof rather than having the high cost of replacing it!

Serving the entire state of Kentucky, RD Commercial Roofing provides;

Tired of bare, exposed metal after a long winter? Or of heat loss and condensation during these Kentucky winters. Or the high energy costs to cool your building in the summer? A sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roof will add your much needed R-value to the outside of your roof without interrupting your work area!

  • Cooler Roof Surface
  • Prevents Leaking
  • Extend the Life of Your Roof
  • Energy Efficient
  • Specifically Designed for Low Slope and Flat Metal Roofs
  • Lasting Protection Where You Need it Most

Metal roofs are recommended by many architects, contractors and engineers for various reasons. They are lightweight, relatively easy and inexpensive to install and they are durable. But there is one major weakness.

Leaking along seams, resulting in rusting and corrosion because of harsh winters, poor joint design or structural settling. Fortunately there is a solution with the Conklin Metal Roof Coating System. The restoration process and coatings are specifically designed to prevent leaks where they occur the most... at the seams...without the need for a tear off.

Specializing in the Conklin Building Products

We use Conklin coatings – Benchmark & Rapid Roof III which are the most trusted Acrylic coatings on the market. The Single Ply membranes, Hy-Crown & Flexion have stood the test of time and can bring your aging EPDM roof back to life! If you are looking for a long-lasting, durable, energy efficient COOL ROOF solution to your roof.

Reflectivity and energy savings (GO GREEN) is how we think. Our warranties are the best in the industry, up to 18 yrs. on our coatings system and up to 30 yrs. on our single ply systems. Call us for a free quote today!!

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Conklin pioneered the Acrylic Coating Market in the early 70’s.  With millions of square feet from the Atlantic to the Pacific our coatings have proven the test of durability through every weather condition possible.

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